2025 School Wellbeing Program

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A program like no other.

Evidence & Results

Positive outcomes for students through evidence-based principles.

We’re proud our program is founded on evidence-based principals proven to elicit positive emotions and positive wellbeing, and independent University evaluations which show proven impact.

By Teachers for Teachers

Nobody knows the classroom better than you – our teachers.

That’s why our program is created, written and supported by qualified teachers. From our dedicated School Partnership Managers to help you implement the program, to our education team creating easy-to-implement and impactful curriculum.

Fun & Engaging

A program students and teachers actually want to do.

The best way to engage a school community is through a program that’s truly engaging. Our program combines fun, humour, evidence and storytelling to provide the best possible wellbeing experience.

Whole School Approach

Students, staff, parents/carers – we’re all in this together.

For lasting wellbeing results, we know there needs to be a continuity of practise between the classroom, staffroom and family home. That’s why we have specific wellbeing content for students, staff and parents.

We see the biggest wellbeing outcomes when we build year on year.

Here's how we'll continue building positive mental health in 2025:

Step 1



Teaching & Learning Program

Provide indicative student participant numbers for your teaching and learning program the foundational tool which embeds wellbeing in your school.

Step 2

(Highly recommended)


Digital Presentations & Staff PD

Add our suite of fun and inspiring video content to your program – bringing wellbeing to life even more for students, and further building staff capacity.

Step 3

(Highly recommended)


Extra sessions for staff, parents/carers.

Pick-and-choose from a range of additional staff and parent/carer workshops –  embedding a positive wellbeing culture across your whole-school community.

Step 1



Provide indicative student participant numbers for your teaching and learning program.

Step 2


Highly recommended

Select details for your staff professional development and digital presentations.

Step 3


Highly recommended

Select options for staff and parent sessions to support your whole school community.

Let's continue to  
your whole school and community.

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$20 (+GST) per student

Teaching and Learning program

Engaging, enjoyable and easy to deliver, our Teaching and Learning program is the foundational tool which embeds wellbeing into school culture.

Engaging, enjoyable and easy to deliver, our ENGAGE Teaching and learning program is the foundational tool which embeds wellbeing into school culture.

An enhanced Teaching and Learning Program

We’re committed to continuous improvement across all areas of our Teaching and Learning program. In 2025, we’re excited to share:

  • Brand new lessons and activities across the majority of our Primary and Secondary content. 
  • Revamped Student Journal designs to enhance student and teacher experience and maximise educational impact.
  • Greater variety in activity types to target key age-appropriate milestones, and suit a range of different learning styles.
  • Even more support for teachers, including more relevant and ready-to-go lesson materials, posters and improved teacher scaffolding for easier lesson delivery.



We hope you’ve enjoyed our intuitive, online teaching platform – the TRP Hub – and that it’s made delivering our program even easier. All teachers in your school will continue to get:

  • An individual login to the TRP Hub, personalised with the activities and lesson content relevant to their year levels.
  • Access to new wellbeing resources and content, so you can go even further embedding a wellbeing culture in your school.

A dedicated School Partnership Manager

Supporting you every step of the way, your School Partnership Manager from The Resilience Project will help:

  • Tailor and implement the program specifically to your school.
  • Guide you through your schools’ wellbeing survey rollout and results – identifying areas of success and focus.
  • Provide ongoing support by answering your questions and queries throughout the year, drawing upon their experience as a teacher and understanding of wellbeing in school settings.


(highly recommended)
$3,500 (+GST)

Digital Presentations and Staff Professional Development

Fun and captivating, our program includes a suite of digital presentations and webinars which inspire us to practise positive wellbeing strategies.

New video content

We’re further connecting the whole school with the GEM principles through:

  • More digital content than ever before which is highly-engaging, specific to every year level and further enhances the Teaching & Learning Program.
  • A staff video series with Hugh providing extra wellbeing support for the people bringing our program to life – your teachers. 
  • Further building the home-school connection with a video series specifically for parents and carers.
  • Staff webinars and meetings to continue building their skills, confidence, understanding and connection with the program. This includes an Embedding TRP Webinar, Resilient Youth Webinar, Resilient Youth Survey Results Meeting and Leading TRP Refresher Webinar.

Keep building that positive wellbeing culture in the home by trying one of our extend webinars, free of charge. Select one of the following options:

  • Connected Parenting Webinar for parents/carers.
  • Building Resilience at Home for parents/carers.
  • Live ‘Authentic Connection’ Webinar for parents/carers with Hugh or Martin.


$3,500 (+GST) for program
$1,900 (+GST) per workshop
$500 (+GST) per webinar

Workshops for Staff, Parents, Carers

To extend and continue embedding a positive wellbeing culture at your school, there are a range of additional offerings to build staff wellbeing and parent/carer connection.

Programs for Staff

Teacher Wellbeing Program

A comprehensive 20-week program to support your staff’s wellbeing, which includes:

Workshops and Webinars for Staff

Teacher Wellbeing 1: Looking After Yourself

This 60 minute session is an opportunity for staff to put themselves first. This will cover:

Teacher Wellbeing 2: Looking After Each Other

This practical session is designed to build stronger connections amongst staff. Knowing that relationships are a key protective factor for stress and burnout. This will cover:

Teacher Wellbeing 3: Sharing Success

This interactive session will give school staff the opportunity to take a deep dive into the learnings from the first two workshops around looking after self and others.
This will cover:

Authentic Connection Webinar

Hugh and Martin are excited to deliver a new presentation, Authentic Connection. Through emotionally engaging stories and practical strategies,
this session will:

Please note that this webinar focuses on providing personal inspiration, tools and strategies around enhancing your own wellbeing.
While school examples are provided, it is not intended as a session on how to implement The Resilience Program in your school.

Workshops and Webinars for Parents and Carers

Building Resilience at Home

As we know, a whole school approach is key to supporting student wellbeing. This session is designed to provide a way to connect the
classroom to home, providing parents/carers with:

Authentic Connection Webinar for Parents/Carers

Hugh and Martin are excited to deliver a new presentation, Authentic Connection. Through emotionally engaging stories and practical strategies,
this session will:

Connected Parenting with Lael Stone Webinar

This Connected Parenting webinar with educator and parenting expert, Lael Stone, provides parents and carers with:

Digital Wellbeing for Families

This 60 minute presentation gives parents/carers the opportunity to reflect on their family’s digital wellbeing. They will explore practical tips and strategies to create healthy habits around screen time to positively impact relationships and strengthen connections within the home. Throughout this presentation parents and carers will:

Program Inclusions and Pricing

Step 1

Order Engage for each student


$20 per student (+ GST)

Teaching & Learning Program, Engagement Initiatives & School Support.



Parents and Carers


Step 2

Add digital presentations to learn more about GEM


$3,500 (+GST)

Digital Presentations & Professional Development to inspire the practise of GEM (Gratitude, Empathy & Mindfulness).
Add Inspire to your 2025 curriculum?



Parents and Carers


Step 3

Select workshops, webinars and programs.


$3,500 (+GST) for the program
$1,900 (+GST) per workshop
$500 (+GST) per webinar

Workshops for Staff, Parents & Carers.
Select the individual Extend options below

Staff Programs

Staff Webinars and Workshops

Parents and Carers Webinars and Workshops

2025 Program Cost Estimator








Ready for 2025? 

Evidence & Impact

The research and evidence sitting behind our program tells us it works.


It also tells us it works best, and we see the biggest wellbeing outcomes, when we build year on year (i.e. practise consistently over consecutive years).

Proven Program Impact

The University of Adelaide completed an independent review of the schools that participated in The Resilience Project program from 2019-2021 (83,002 students) vs. those that did not participate (79,699 students). The study concluded that: 

An evaluation by The University of Melbourne compared six primary schools implementing the program and six schools that were not implementing the program. The evaluation demonstrated evidence of: 

A program built on evidence-based principles

The research is clear; the more positive emotion you experience, the more resilient you will be. For that reason, everything we do at The Resilience Project is focussed on key pillars proven to cultivate positive emotion and positive mental health:

  • Gratitude.
  • Empathy.
  • Mindfulness.
  • Emotional Literacy.

The biggest wellbeing outcomes happen when practised consistently and over consecutive years.


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