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We deliver emotionally engaging programs and provide evidence-based, practical wellbeing strategies to build resilience.

The mental health statistics in this country are confronting. Our mission is to teach positive mental health strategies to help people become happier and more resilient. 

We share emotionally engaging stories with hundreds of schools, workplaces and communities to help make the topic of mental health more accessible. The research is clear; the more positive emotion you experience, the more resilient you will be. For that reason we focus on three key pillars proven to cultivate positive emotion; Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness (GEM). Our programs also have a strong focus on Connection, Purpose, Kindness, Emotional Literacy and Physical Health. 

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A quick guide to mindfulness and meditation

Mindfulness and meditation are often put forward as solutions to our stresses and anxiety – but what exactly is mindfulness and meditation, how do they differ, and what are some tips to get started?


Learn about the key findings discovered through the school program and curriculum evaluation.

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Our Presenters:
Hugh van Cuylenburg and Martin Heppell

Hugh and Martin are lively, positive and deeply passionate presenters. They connect with audiences by sharing personal, often humorous and highly relatable stories that position mental health as an important part of life. They bring their experiences and travel adventures into their presentations – sharing their own journeys, and encouraging audiences to bring Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness into their everyday lives.

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We hope these slides can act as an ongoing resource in your schools, families and workplaces to promote positive mental health.


What is gratitude? It’s about paying attention to the things and moments we have right now, and not worrying about what we don’t have. We practise gratitude by noticing the positives that exist around us, and by being thankful for things, places and people in our lives.


What does empathy mean? Empathy and kindness are closely linked. So are empathy and compassion. To be empathetic is to put ourselves in the shoes of others to feel and see what they are. We practice this by being kind towards other people.


How to practise mindfulness? Mindfulness activities help us to be present in the moment and often create a feeling of calm. We practice this through slowing down and concentrating on one thing at a time. This includes meditation, colouring in and flow states.

Approved Provider

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Victorian School Mental Health Fund Menu

Victorian School Mental Health Fund Menu

The Resilience Project is an approved provider in several school mental health funding initiatives around Australia.

This means more kids, educators and families can benefit from positive mental health programs than ever before.