Workplace Program

Through storytelling and behaviour-change communications, The Resilience Project Workplace Program shares practical and evidence-based strategies to manage wellbeing, both in the work environment, and with family and friends.

The Resilience Project delivers emotionally engaging presentations and wellbeing programs to build resilience and positive mental health in the workplace.

Through storytelling and behaviour-change communications, the Workplace Program shares practical and evidence-based strategies to manage wellbeing, both in the work environment, and with family and friends.

Bring Wellbeing To Your Workplace

The Resilience Project has two programs available to support organisations on their employee wellbeing journey. Starting with Discovering Resilience, this program focuses on the key research-backed pillars to resilience: gratitude, empathy and mindfulness (GEM).

For organisations wishing to explore more, the Authentic Connection presentation is offered; sharing strategies and benefits of connection, vulnerability and leading wellbeing.

Throughout both programs, additional complementing wellbeing practices are explored including; emotional literacy, exercise, sleep, healthy eating and managing devices.

Program Outcomes

The presentations, communications and action-oriented resources, are designed to:

  • Provide practical and evidence-based strategies to practice on a daily basis
  • Assist staff to deal with stress and difficult situations
  • Improve overall wellbeing and connection to self and others
  • Support behaviour change and long-term adoption of strategies

Programs Available

Programs are offered in a range of options to allow workplaces to integrate The Resilience Project at varying depths. We provide touch points across a whole organisation; from large-scale presentations and digital wellbeing campaigns, to peer learning sessions and leadership support. 

An overview is below, with detail on each of the offerings available in a flyer here.


The Discovering Resilience program is the flagship offering for workplaces, focusing on the research-backed strategies: gratitude, empathy and mindfulness (GEM). This introductory program is for organisations new to The Resilience Project and their GEM journey.


Option 1:

Discovering Resilience Program (6 month program)

Discovering Resilience presentation

Journal or App (optional)

Digital Wellbeing Series

Option 2:

Discovering Resilience Introduction (one-off)

Discovering Resilience presentation

Journal or App (optional)


This sequel Authentic Connection presentation is offered to organisations which have already completed Discovering Resilience. In this presentation, you will explore the next series of stories and strategies to support wellbeing linked to connection, vulnerability and leading wellbeing. By looking into the benefits of connecting with our community, nature and ourselves, presenters Hugh van Cuylenburg or Martin Heppell share the research and ways to integrate these into everyday life.

The Authentic Connection presentation can be delivered to organisations in-person ($6,900) or by live webinar ($4,900). Optional journal or app purchases can also be arranged.

Supporting Program Resources

To continue education and facilitate long-lasting behaviour change, we offer a number of ongoing offerings that can be tailored to suit outcome and budget.

Wellbeing Journals – Our 21 Day and 6 Month wellbeing journals enable personal reflection and practice of emotional, physical and mental health. They have been designed on research around habit creation and building resilience. A Family Journal is also available; offering daily reflections, questions and practical activities for families to complete together.

TRP App – The Resilience Project App is a daily well-being journal designed to build positive mental health habits. It consistently ranks in iTunes Top 10 Health and Fitness apps.

Connected Parenting workshop – This workshop presented by educator Lael Stone offers a valuable set of tools for parents and carers aiming to raise children through positive connections and communication. Enquire here for more information.

Leadership engagement – Additional presentations and workshops are available for select leadership groups. The Resilience Project has worked with emerging leaders and General Managers through to C-Suites and Boards of Directors.

Strategic direction and creative execution – The Resilience Project can offer strategic input to a company’s internal wellbeing campaigns and communications. This includes video production that uses presenters Hugh and Martin as talent. Enquire here to speak with our creative team.


For general questions and queries, please reach out to us via our enquiry form.


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