Presentation Slides & References

Please find below a sample presentation from both Hugh and Martin. We hope these slides can act as an ongoing resource in your schools, families and workplaces to promote positive mental health.

Please contact us if there are any further resources you require.

Hugh's Presentation

Download for Hugh's Presentation Slides

Martin's Presentation

Download for Martin's Presentation Slides

Supporting Research

Here is some of the science and research that sits behind the four principles that we teach in our programs.


Empathy (more specifically compassion)


Emotional Literacy


  • ROY MORGAN RESEARCH: 9 in 10 Aussie teens now have a mobile
  • THE ROYAL CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL: Screen Time and Kids: what’s happening in our homes?
  • NSW DEPT OF EDUCATION: Impact of Mobile Digital Devices in Schools
  • FRONTIERS IN PSYCHIATRY: Problematic Use of Smartphones in Australia… is it Getting Worse?
  • THE LONGITUDINAL STUDY OF AUSTRALIAN CHILDREN ANNUAL STATISTICAL REPORT 2015: Australian children’s screen time and participation in extracurricular activities

General Statistics

Below is a list of resources and references providing general statistics on mental health

Further Reading

Below is a list of books and articles we recommend for further reading on resilience and positive mental health strategies.

  • AUTHENTIC HAPPINESS – Martin Seligman
  • FLOURISH – Martin Seligman
  • LOVE 2.0 – Barbara Fredrickson
  • BEING HAPPY – Tal Ben-Shahar
  • THE RESILIENCE FACTOR – Karen Reivich & Andrew Shatté
  • THE HAPPINESS PROJECT – Gretchen Rubin
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCE: Voluntary Smiling Changes Regional Brain Activity- Paul Ekman and Richard J. Davidson (1993)