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Research indicates after just 21 days of daily gratitude practice, you can rewire your brain to scan the world for the positives.

Sounds good?

With a focus on gratitude, empathy and mindfulness, our 21 Day Wellbeing Journal is filled with wellbeing tips and simple daily activities to help you develop positive mental health.

Every day, you’ll be asked to complete a different activity along with three things that went well for you that day.

Over the course of the 21 days, evidence suggests you’ll start scanning the world for positives (Gratitude), find yourself acting in a kinder way (Empathy) and feel more tolerant, calm and focused (Mindfulness).

Developed in collaboration with clinical psychologist and Imperfects podcast regular, Dr Emily Musgrove, this journal is designed for adults and teenagers aged 12+ who are keen to give GEM a go and start developing positive wellbeing habits.

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