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Research indicates after just 21 days of daily gratitude practice, you can rewire your brain to scan the world for the positives.

Sounds good?

With a focus on gratitude, empathy and mindfulness, our 21 Day Wellbeing Journal is filled with wellbeing tips and simple daily activities to help you develop positive mental health.

Every day, you’ll be asked to complete a different activity along with three things that went well for you that day.

Over the course of the 21 days, evidence suggests you’ll start scanning the world for positives (Gratitude), find yourself acting in a kinder way (Empathy) and feel more tolerant, calm and focused (Mindfulness).

Developed in collaboration with clinical psychologist and Imperfects podcast regular, Dr Emily Musgrove, this journal is designed for adults and teenagers aged 12+ who are keen to give GEM a go and start developing positive wellbeing habits.


The key steps to leading a happier, more contented and fulfilling life.
Hugh van Cuylenburg was a primary school teacher volunteering in northern India when he had a life-changing realisation: despite the underprivileged community the children were from, they were remarkably positive. By contrast, back in Australia Hugh knew that all too many people found it hard to be happy, or suffered from mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. His own little sister had been ravaged by anorexia nervosa. How was it that young people he knew at home, who had food, shelter, friends and a loving family, struggled with their mental health, while these kids seemed so contented and resilient? He set about finding the answer and in time came to recognise the key traits and behaviours these children possessed were gratitude, empathy and mindfulness.
In the ensuing years Hugh threw himself into studying and sharing this revelation with the world through The Resilience Project, with his playful and unorthodox presentations which both entertain and inform. Now, with the same blend of humour, poignancy and clear-eyed insight that The Resilience Project has become renowned for, Hugh explains how we can all get the tools we need to live a happier and more fulfilling life.
Book comes as a paperback.

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