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With over 200,000 copies of his first book sold, The Resilience Project founder, Hugh van Cuylenburg, is back with the sequel: Let Go.

For the longest time, Hugh has felt the pressure to be ok. As COVID-19 ravaged the world people turned to Hugh, wanting him to tell them how to cope. It wasn’t until one fateful radio interview that Hugh finally admitted to himself, and a nation of listeners, that he in fact wasn’t ok. Heeding his own advice and speaking with a mental health professional for the first time, Hugh discovered that his own feelings of shame, expectation, perfection, control, fear of failure, ego and addiction to social media – the same powerful issues that affect the lives of many – were holding him back.

Let Go is broken down into seven sections that explore each of these complex emotions. Hugh takes readers back to his childhood, sharing touching stories about his friends and family, as well as anecdotes from his adult life and his work with The Resilience Project to show these emotions at play. Hugh asks readers to consider not just their past experiences but the external factors that may be impacting their mental health and what proactive measures they can take to change their situation. Using established research, his own disarming and candid storytelling and examples of simple, practical exercises, Hugh unpacks his learnings to show readers how it is possible to let go of the things that threaten to overwhelm us. This is a deeply personal and moving book that demonstrates how we can overcome the things that hold us back, and feel connected, safe and happy once more.

Book comes as paperback.

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