Season 3, Episode 11 – The Academy of Imperfection with Dr Billy Garvey

Billy is one of Australia's most respected and in-demand paediatricians (child medical doctor) with a wealth of knowledge to share with you in this thought-provoking episode of The Academy of Imperfection.

Go get your pens and notebooks everyone!

In this edition of The Academy of Imperfection, students Hugh, Ryan, Josh sit down with famed paediatrician, Dr Billy Garvey of The Royal Children’s Hospital.

Currently, Billy regretfully has a two and a half year waiting list to see him in person, but is keen to reach as many of you as possible NOW. And with all the talk on our podcast about parenting recently, we felt this was a very necessary episode.

Billy may not look like one of Australia’s most respected and in-demand paediatricians, as we speak about in the episode, but gee whiz, he sure does talk like it!