The Resilience Project on the Schools Mental Health Menu

At The Resilience Project (TRP), we’re incredibly passionate about supporting wellbeing from a young age. So, when the Victorian government announced a 200+ million dollar investment in student mental health through the schools mental health fund, we couldn’t have been happier.


To help schools select and implement mental health and wellbeing programs that best meet the needs of their students, the Department of Education and Training established an evidence-based Menu (the Menu) of programs and providers from which schools can select from.


There are three tiers of intervention on the Menu, and these tiers include some incredible initiatives that:


  • promote student mental health and wellbeing
  • enable schools to intervene early to support students
  • provide targeted and more individualised support for students who need it.


We were so humbled today to learn our School Partnership Program has been approved on the Menu, meaning even more schools, students, teachers and families can benefit from our positive mental health practises than ever before.


We’re also incredibly proud that our School Partnership Program ranks as a Level 3 in the “Strength of Evidence” category thanks to the evidence-based nature of our teachings, and the independent evaluations completed by The University of Adelaide and The University of Melbourne.


Everyone at TRP is thrilled by the positive outcomes which can be achieved with this funding. We cannot wait to further support our current schools, as well as welcoming new schools to our program.


If you have any questions or queries about our School Partnership Program, please contact us.

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