Nedd Brockmann’s gratitude lens & privilege

Nedd Brockmann is the man who ran almost 4000 kilometres over 47 days in 2022, raising $2.5 million for the homelessness charity, Mobilise.

In this snippet, he talks about reframing his mindset and reflecting on privilege in the midst of his superhuman run across Australia.

For us, the core of this reflection comes back to Gratitude, and our ability to focus on the good things we have, and not dwelling on the things we don’t.

Try this…

  • What are some things in your life which are currently causing you stress?
  • Is there a gratitude lens you could apply which might reframe your mindset?



In the rest of this episode, Nedd discusses how he felt after his mammoth run and also his passion for the cause driving the challenge, homelessness. To listen to more of this episode of the Imperfects, click on this link.

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