Hamish McLachlan on savouring life seasons

We all face challenges as parents and carers. In this snippet, media journalist and Channel 7 host, Hamish McLachlan, bravely discusses his daughter’s diagnosis with West Syndrome, and the journey the whole family went through during her treatment and recovery.

For Hamish, this experience led to an innate focus on gratitude (particularly around his children) and really taking everything in, as it is, in the present moment. This reflection embodies the GEM principles (gratitude, empathy, mindfulness), and reminds us of the importance of appreciating our life season; regardless of what season we’re in.

Reflect on some of the seasons in your life. They could be in the past, something you’re envisaging in the future, and the season you are in right now.

What are some things you’re grateful for in your current season?

In the rest of Hamish’s Imperfects episode, he answers the question, ‘When did your life get turned upside down and how did things change?’. Hamish shows incredible vulnerability and shares two events from his family life, and how they’ve reframed his own relationship with the meaning of “challenging times”. To listen to the episode, click on this link.

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