How to get a better night’s sleep

A great day starts with getting enough rest the night before. Sleep is such an important factor contributing to our wellbeing and unfortunately so many of us are struggling to get the amount and quality of sleep that we need.

The 10-3-2-1 method aims to help you get to sleep on time, sleep better and wake up feeling rested and ready to take on the day ahead. Give it a go this week and see if it improves your sleep.


10 hours before bed – No more caffeine

Caffeine has a half life of 4-6 hours, meaning that half the caffeine you consume is still present in your body up to 6 hours after. This method is great for coffee lovers all around because it doesn’t require you to cut out caffeine completely. The focus is on being mindful about when you consume caffeine to allow your body the time to get it out of your system before bed.

3 hours before bed – No more food

Being mindful of finishing big meals 3 hours before you plan to go to sleep can help reduce symptoms of reflux or digestive issues that impair your natural sleep cycle.

2 hours before bed – No more work

In the 2 hours leading up to bed, the focus should be on winding down and relaxing your brain. Working right before bed doesn’t really fit into that category as it overstimulates your brain and can heighten anxiety. We understand the stress to get things done, but your body and wellbeing needs you to switch off. If there are tasks you need to continue, try writing them down as a to-do list for the next day. This way it clears your mind for the night and allows you to be better rested to complete them the next day.

1 hour before bed – No more screens

The blue light that our screens emit confuses your brain into thinking it’s daytime and inhibits the hormones your body uses to prepare for bed. The issue with devices is not only the blue light stimulation, but also the influx of information your brain receives and is stimulated by when you are scrolling. Both of these aspects of screen devices work against the body naturally trying to wind down. Try avoiding screen time for the hour before bed to allow your body the time it needs to feel sleepy and ready for bed.


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