Finding the magic in everyday with Dr Paul Callaghan

‘Every now and then I’ll have a bumpy day, where I wake up feeling a bit down as we do at times. They’re not bad things because they remind me of my lessons.’

Dr Paul Callaghan led this great conversation about the courage to be our real selves, and finding the magic in everyday. While we all have ‘bumpy days’, as Dr Paul likes to call them, it’s important to remember those bumpy days can help us learn and grow so we live our best story possible.

Is there something you can remember that didn’t go well in the past week? When you reflect on it, was there a positive lesson you could take from it?


Dr Paul Callaghan has a lot of wisdom to share that he’s accrued over a lifetime of wins, losses and even a near death experience that changed his life forever. As an Aboriginal man, much of Paul’s wisdom has come from his experience on The Dreaming Path. To listen to the rest of his episode on The Imperfects, click here.

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