Empathetic Listening with Lael Stone

Ted Talk presenter, author, and parenting expert, Lael Stone, explains how we all need to be heard and understood. This fundamental need is important for every single person and in all of our relationships.

At the heart of listening to others is empathy and kindness. When we’re being an empathetic listener, we’re prioritising listening to the other person rather than talking ourselves – this can be easier said than done! While we might not be saying as much, in reality, we are often helping more than we know by simply paying attention and showing we care.

In your upcoming conversations, or when someone comes to you with a problem, keep Lael’s tips in mind;
don’t judge and don’t fix.


To learn more about empathetic listening, read our wellbeing article here.

For more of Lael’s wisdom on emotional intelligence, listen to the rest of her episode of The Imperfects here.

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