Season 6, Episode 7 – Gary Barlow – The Pain Behind the Pleasure

Very few people have experienced Gary Barlow’s level of success and fame. He’s the lead singer of the nineties British pop band Take That, he’s won 6 Ivor Novello Awards for song writing & composing, sold more the 50 million albums and filled stadiums of screaming fans across the world! But despite all this, as we’ve come to learn, he’s one of the nicest, most genuine people going around.

In this episode, Gary shares his experience of rising to such fame, and what happens when he lost it.

He opens up about the devastating burden of jealousy between him and bandmate Robbie Williams, his journey with disordered eating, the loss of his daughter Poppy and the love of his life, the one constant through it all – his wife.

So sit back and pour yourself a cup of vulnerabilitea, this is a big one.

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