Season 6, Episode 34 – Poh Ling Yeow

Have you ever made a really bad decision? Made a call that you couldn’t undo? It’s a fear for many, and for others, living with the reality of a ‘roll of the dice’ gone wrong, is cause for great sadness, and discomfort. But, there is wisdom in mistakes. And for Poh Ling Yeow, learning to own her bad decisions, meant she could move forward with empathy and acceptance. A skill she’s honed through a life of ‘magooing’ to her way onto our screens through Master Chef, into our kitchens through cookbooks, and very much into our hearts. (Ref. Mr. Magoo).

In fact, the level of maturity Poh is able to bring to so much of her life, is unlike anyone we’ve ever met before.

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Masterchef on Tenplay –
South Park – Morman fellowshipping of Kyle –

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Poh’s latest cookbook – 

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Poh’s paintings – The Girl –

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