Season 6, Episode 31 – Michael Klim

What would it feel like to have the very thing that mad you great – your body, strength and co-ordination – slowly and painfully taken away from you?

As a swimmer, Michael Klim was on top of the world – he was literally ‘World Swimmer of the Year’. Trips to the Olympics, medals of every colour, 21 world records AND his face on the cover of a Foo Fighters Album, Michael really did have it all.

However, in 2022 Michael was diagnosed with a life changing condition, wherein your body attacks it’s own tissue – chronic inflammatory demyelination polyneuropathy (CIDP).

In this episode, Hugh, Ryan and Josh chat to Michael about his equally impressive life out of the pool, and how his CIDP diagnosis has taught him a lot about identity, grief and relationships.

In 2023, Michael partnered with Australian Red Cross Lifeblood to help raise awareness for the vital role blood donation plays in not just his life, but the 1 in 3 Australians who will need blood products in their lifetime. To help recipients like Michael and countless others book a blood donation here.

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