Season 6, Episode 27 – Billy Slater

Unfortunately, we all know what bad leadership looks like, for many of us, it doesn’t take long to think of examples…but what does it actually take to be a ‘good leader’?

This week in the Academy of Imperfection, Hugh, Ryan and Josh are joined by a legend of the sport, former rugby league player and current coach of the Queensland Maroons, Billy Slater. Billy has been called the best fullback ever to have played the game. As a player, he’s won more awards than we could possibly list. As a coach and a leader, he is nothing short of inspiring.

In this episode, Billy talks about leadership, coaching and how he approaches it. He shares how playing to your strengths can actually be more beneficial than lingering on weaknesses; he discusses how sometimes, good leadership requires ‘letting go’; and he shares why he spends so much time creating feelings and moments for his players, reminding them that what they’re trying to achieve is something bigger than themselves.

You can watch the full episode with Billy on youtube here.

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