Season 6, Episode 25 – Nathan Cavaleri

Its hard to imagine a life more remarkable, or as unique as that of Nathan Cavaleri.

Nathan rose to fame as an 8 year old blues prodigy, regularly appearing on Aussie TV screens in the 90’s, but there is so much more to Nathan and his story than that. Whether it’s touring Australia with the likes of Jimmy Barnes; or touring America with blues Legend B.B. King; being signed to Michael Jackson’s label; or starring in a Baywatch spin off with David Hasselhoff; Nathan’s life from the outside, really does look perfect. However, as we all know, perfect isn’t what this podcast is about.

In this episode, Nathan talks about the challenges he has faced along the way. From his battle with Leukaemia as a child; to his overwhelming struggles with anxiety as an adult that resulted in him passing out on stage. Nathan is a wonderful person, a beautiful storyteller and he’s a real joy to listen to in this episode of the imperfects.

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