Season 6, Episode 17 – Pallavi Sharda

Pallavi Sharda on the mic with the quote: "I did definitely make a choice about whether I wanted to be a woman in India, or a brown woman in the world"

What would you do if a teacher said you couldn’t achieve your dreams because your hair and skin colour weren’t acceptable?

When this became Pallavi Sharda’s reality she moved to India by herself and became the first Australian women to lead a Bollywood movie

In this episode we meet Pallavi Sharda, a powerhouse actress, who grew up in Taylors Lakes, a suburban area in Melbourne’s west, who went on to not only clock Bollywood, but see tremendous success on screens in Australia, the UK and the US.

Pallavi is a VERY impressive person, but she grew up believing that she needed to be exceptional in order to have value in Australia. From living with racism as a second generation immigrant, to navigating Bollywood as a foreigner, Pallavi has been on a search for belonging, carving out a place in the world for herself & all future generations of ‘multi-hyphenated’ Australians.

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