Season 6, Episode 15 – Dr Emily

Have you ever felt so elated, that in that very moment, you felt yourself and the world around you were in perfect harmony? That feeling is joy!

But for many of us, ‘joy’ can seem elusive, almost impossible to experience, or an emotion that we feel we just don’t have time for. And for some of us, it may feel like we have lost the ability to experience joy altogether.

In this episode, our resident psychologist Dr Em explores the experience of Joy. What is it and how we can tap into it. We learn how mobilising joy is and how infectious and connecting it can be.

Because as Dr Em explains, we are often surrounded by joy in our everyday lives,  but don’t pause long enough to see it.

This is an incredibly powerful, uplifting conversation, but it may be difficult to listen to if you’re currently experiencing hardship or trauma. If you’d like to skip this one, we encourage you to come back when you’re ready.

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