Season 6, Episode 11 – Sean Turnell

Sean Turnell - A prisoner's guide to life. Season 6, Episode 11.

Imagine being falsely imprisoned, in a foreign country, where you barely speak the language, during a military coup, with no guarantee of a trial (fair or otherwise) and no idea whether you’ll ever be allowed home?

That’s what Australian economist Sean Turnell lived through for 650 days, when in 2021 he was arrested during a military coup over-throwing the democratic government of Aang san Suu Kyi.

Sean is a remarkable person and a brilliant story teller who radiates positivity. In this episode, he describes in horrifying, and yet often beautiful, detail his ordeal in the Myanmar prison system.

Through Sean’s story we get a unique perspective…and a shining example of how resilient the human spirit can be.

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