Season 5, Episode 46 – Dr Em

For some people, Christmas Day is the most wonderful time of the year.

But for others, catching up with friends and family at this time of the year can lead to pain and sadness and as Dr Emily describes it, an overwhelming feeling of “not-enoughness”.

In this special bonus episode, Dr Emily explains where this feeling comes from and why it pops up year after year. But as always she gives us some helpful advice on what we can do to address it and feel a little less alone this Christmas.

So from us to you, on this Season Finale… Merry Not-Enoughmas.

To find volunteering opportunities through Australian Volunteers, or Seek Volunteer, follow these links: &

For anyone in WA, you can also find group activities and volunteer opportunities through Act, Below, Commit, by following this link:

For book recommendation, The Stress Prescription, 7 Days To More Joy and Ease, by Elissa Epel, follow this link:

The Imperfects is not a licensed mental health service and is not a substitute for professional mental health advice, treatment or assessment. The advice given in this episode is general in nature, but if you’re struggling, please see a healthcare professional, or call lifeline on 13 11 14.