Season 5, Episode 44 – Gina Chick

Gina Chick grew up… different.

She wasn’t like the other kids, and they let her know about it.

But as an adult she learned to see her “different” as a strength, which led to her most well-known achievement, outlasting everyone else for 67 days in the Tasmanian wilderness to win ALONE Australia. But as you’ll hear, that’s only a part of her story – as is the fact that she’s very close friends with Hugh Jackman.

After going through some of the lowest lows a human can experience, Gina learned the power of discomfort and is here to spread the word in our very first ever outdoor episode!

To learn more about Gina, her rewilding camps and 5Rythyms dance, follow this link:

To watch Alone Australia, follow this link:

This episode includes a discussion about the loss of a child, if this feels like it might be too much for you to listen to right now, feel free to come back to it when you’re feeling up to it.

The Imperfects is not a licensed mental health service and is not a substitute for professional mental health advice, treatment or assessment. The advice given in this episode is general in nature, but if you’re struggling, please see a healthcare professional, or call lifeline on 13 11 14.