Season 5, Episode 36 – Josh van Cuylenburg: we were here

If you know, you know. And if you do know, you’re just as bonkers excited as we are.

Buuut if you don’t know, that’s totally fine too.

Those that were able to make it along to our Live On Stage show this year were treated to the debut performance of a song, written and performed by our very own Josh van Cuylenburg. But this song was not without context.

In Season 3 Josh shared a vulnerable story from 13 years ago that resulted in him losing the confidence to realise his lifelong dream of writing music (link to that episode below).

But when we were planning our Live on Stage Show, we asked Josh to consider writing and performing an original song. And ohhhhh boy… HE DELIVERED.

Today we are very proud and excited to announce that “We Were Here” has not only been recorded, but the song is now available on Spotify, with a seriously moving official music video that you can WATCH on YouTube. Links below.

To listen to Josh’s song on Spotify, follow this link:

To watch the film clip on YouTube, follow this link:

To listen to the original Vulnerabilitea House episode where Josh first talked about losing his confidence to write music, follow this link:

To purchase our Vulnerabilitea House cards sets, follow this link: