Season 5, Episode 34 – Jack’s Gambling Addiction Story

For Jack, it’s progress, not perfection when it comes to his battle with gambling addiction.

This one is a slightly different episode for The Imperfects. Jack isn’t a celebrity, or an expert. But he is a person with imperfections, just like everyone else. And Jack has been kind enough to share his all-too-familiar story with Hugh, Ryan and Josh.

Jack discusses his crippling battle with sports gambling, his experience at rehab, and how he was finally able to escape his life of keeping secrets.

Jack’s story of gambling addiction is not a story we hear often, but it’s sadly a very common one – particularly in Australia.

To contact Gambler Helpline, call 1800 858 858.

To learn more about BetStop, and the national self exclusion register, follow this link:

To learn more about Gamblers Anonymous, and find GA meetings near you, follow this link:

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For mindfulness, meditation and sleep app recommendation, Calm, follow this link:

This episodes contains a discussion around addiction and mentions suicidal thoughts, if this feels like too much for you to listen to right now, we recommend skipping this one and only listening when you feel ready.

The Imperfects is not a licensed mental health service and is not a substitute for professional mental health advice, treatment or assessment. The advice given in this episode is general in nature, but if you’re struggling, please see a healthcare professional, or call lifeline on 13 11 14.