Season 5, Episode 31 – Penny Moodie

Penny Moodie first shared her OCD story on The Imperfects in 2020.

Since then, we and she have been flooded with incredible feedback from OCD sufferers who finally felt seen.

Now Penny is back because she’s written an incredible book about OCD called The Joy Thief and it’s out now (link below).

In this beautifully moving episode, Penny talks openly with Hugh, Ryan and Josh about some of the confronting moments from her book. The reason Penny calls OCD ‘the joy thief’ is because it attempts to steal so much of the joy from your life. In Penny’s case, it almost stole her blossoming relationship with Hugh in the early days, and as a child it tried to take the one thing she held most sacred – the safety of her mother.

This may be a b-b-b-bonus episode, but it’s also a v-v-v-very special one.

To purchase Penny’s book, The Joy Thief, follow this link:

To learn more about OCD and to access resources to assist with getting help and how to manage it, follow these links:


This Way Up:

The International OCD Foundation:

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