Season 5, Episode 25 – Dr Richard Harris

While our guest might humbly refer to his heroics as “that thing in Thailand”, it was in fact far more significant…

In 2018, the world was gripped by the terrifying story of thirteen boys who were miraculously saved from inside a Thai cave.

Maybe you’ve seen one of the billion docos made about it, or the Hollywood film directed by Ron Howard.

As you probably already know, the most miraculous part was HOW these boys were saved, thanks in large part to today’s guest, Australian deep-diving anaesthetist, Dr Richard “Harry” Harris.

In this fascinating Academy of Imperfection, “Harry” answers some of the 5000 questions that Hugh, Ryan and Josh wanted to ask (but didn’t have time), and then ultimately shares some valuable insights on the art of risk.

To learn more or purchase ‘The Art of Risk’ by Dr Richard Harris, follow this link:

To listen to Dr Harris’s podcast, Real Risk, follow this link:

To learn more about the National Geographic documentary, The Rescue, follow this link:

The documentary, ‘The Trapped 13’ that Dr Harris mentions in the episode in available to watch in Australia on Netflix.