Season 5, Episode 23 – Christie Whelan Browne

Christie Whelan Browne is one of the funniest (and most talented) people in Australia. If you know, you know.

She’s won multiple awards and done everything from stage and musical theatre, to TV drama and comedy… and most recently Dancing with the Stars.

But it’s her journey, before the #MeToo movement (and continues today) that’s making the biggest impact. Christie has rarely spoken so openly about her very public and tumultuous experience through the courts, in the media and even within her own family, as she became the face of a high-profile criminal trial and subsequent defamation trial that turned her life upside down.

Historically, making the world a better, safer and more equal place for women has never been easy. Far from it. And in this episode Christie tells Hugh, Ryan and Josh what it was like for her, as she landed in the firing line while trying to protect other women like her.

To us, Christie is an inspiration and we couldn’t be more grateful to her for sharing her imperfect story with us.

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This episode discusses allegations of indecent assault, if this brings up anything for you, you can contact 1800 RESPECT on 1800 737 732. 1800 RESPECT is a national 24/7 counselling line for anyone who has experienced, or is at risk of, family and domestic violence and/or sexual assault.