Season 5, Episode 19 – Hugh van Cuylenburg and Penny Moodie

You might remember Penny Moodie from her first appearance on The Imperfects when she talked about her own experience with OCD. Link below if you don’t!

Well, Penny is back to talk about something else; her marriage with Hugh. Or, more specifically, and far less click-baity, the mental load in her marriage with Hugh.

“The mental load” is the cognitive effort that’s required to juggle the often invisible labour of running a household. Something that Penny noticed was becoming too much for her to handle.

In this unique episode, Hugh and Penny talk about how they dealt with this, and in doing so give us the rare opportunity to hear a real married couple talk about their real issues. All while Ryan and Josh pretend to not be on Team Penny.

If you or your partner is struggling with the very real issue of mental overload, this episode is probably for you.

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