Season 5, Episode 16 – Ben Shewry (Pt 1)

Originally from New Zealand, Ben Shewry is the head chef and owner of Melbourne-based restaurant Attica – the highly respected restaurant that has been included in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants numerous times.

Ben’s chat with Hugh, Ryan and Josh was so big and so special, it needed to be split across 2 big and special episodes.

In this first big and special part, they talk about what makes Attica such a unique place, how he approaches his work, and how he deals with the anxiety that arose from his divorce.

But, what is sprinkled across everything Ben does, is his unwavering commitment to excellence and his adoration of change.

To learn more about Attica and to book, follow this link:

For book recommendation, Kitchen Confidential, by Anthony Bourdain, follow this link:

To watch the trailer for ‘The Menu’ movie, that Ben mentions in the episode, follow this link: