Season 6, Episode 2 – Adam Grant

World leading organisational psychologists, Adam Grant is this week’s guest in The Academy of Imperfection and honestly, we can’t believe how much ground the brilliant man managed to cover in this episode.

I mean, sure, you might expect him to touch on the value of embracing our imperfections. Or perhaps he might explore imposter syndrome & the importance in believing in others’ belief in yourself. Or how procrastination can actually be a creative force. Or maybe even some tips for those of us who have found ourselves languishing.

All of this might seem pretty reasonable stuff to cover. However you might not expect a deep dive into the lessons learned from a junior olympic diving career or an actual magic trick! This ep covers it all…and much much more.

To watch this episode on youtube (and see the magic trick) follow this link:

If you’re interested in hearing more from Adam, the best place to start is his website:


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Hidden Potential, The Science of Achieving Greater Things, by Adam Grant:

Give and Take, A Revolutionary Approach to Success, by Adam Grant:

Creativity Inc: Overcoming Unseen Forces That Stand In The Way of True Inspiration, by Ed Catmull:

Born Standing Up: A Comics Life, by Steve Martin:

It’s Called Languishing (article) by Adam Grant’


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