Season 5, Episode 9 – Bonus: Things we wish we knew earlier

This B-B-B-BONUS episode arrives thanks to Hugh – a man who claims to hate lists. At least he did until he saw a list called “40 Things I Wish I’d Known at 40” (link below). The list of things resonated with Hugh so much, that he sent it to Ryan and Josh and they decided to do an episode about it. This is that episode. It’d be weird if it wasn’t though wouldn’t it? There’s no guest in this one, it’s just Hugh, Ryan and Josh speaking about the things from the list that spoke to each of them most. But we’ll be back soon with a proper guest next episode!

To read the full list of 40 things from Robin Sharma, follow this link:

The list is originally from The Everyday Hero Manifesto, by Robin Sharma:

Ryan quote 4

Josh quote