Season 5, Episode 8 – Ann Davidman

When Ryan spoke about his ongoing indecision surrounding whether or not he should have children (Episode: To Breed or Not To Breed), it definitely struck a chord with a lot of people who could relate. One of those people was “Parenthood Clarity Mentor” Ann Davidman, who helps people all over the world to answer the question, ‘Should I have children?’

So, as a sort-of-follow-up episode, Ann joins Hugh, Ryan and Josh in the Academy of Imperfection to provide some much-needed guidance to anyone who is also stuck in the ‘not-knowing’! Ann started her Parenthood Clarity Course in 1991 (link below) and it has helped thousands of parents and non-parents find the clarity they needed. So Ann certainly has some experience in the area.

To listen to Ryan’s episode, To Breed or Not To Breed, follow this link:

To learn more about Ann Davidman, her work and her motherhood clarity course, follow this link:

To learn more about Ann’s fatherhood clarity course, follow this link:

To purchase the book, ‘Motherhood Is It For Me?’, by Ann Davidman & Denise L Carlini, follow this link:

To read Ann’s article in Vox, ‘Should I have kids: 6 tips to help you decide if you want to start a family’, follow this link: