Season 5, Episode 14 – Broden Kelly

If you don’t know comedy sketch group Aunty Donna, then take a moment, open your local internet browser and watch their incredible stuff for a bit (some of it is linked below). Then come back and listen to this episode with Aunty Donna’s, Broden Kelly.In this Vulnerabilitea House, Broden talks about his own and Aunty Donna’s creative process, and how it’s evolved over the years while working together on stage and on the telly. But at the heart of this conversation, is Broden’s vulnerability in regards to his anger – how it affected his life and work, and what he did to get on top of it, before it got on top of him.

To watch Aunty Donna’s Coffee Cafe on iview, follow this link:

To watch Aunty Donna’s Real Estate Agents video, that is mentioned in the podcast, follow this link:

To Listen to Broden’s podcast, The Footy with Broden Kelly, follow this link: