Season 5, Episode 12 – 360, Matt Colwell

This extremely raw and revealing episode with Australian rapper 360 is all about authenticity. 10 years ago, 360 (Matt Colwell) was one of the most successful and respected artists in Australia. His songs and albums went multi-platinum, he was winning prestigious ARIA and APRA awards and his enormous tours sold out nationally. But what no one knew at the time, is he was simultaneously battling an addiction that nearly took his life. Here, with Hugh, Ryan and Josh, 360 tells the whole story, including how he reached a point where he could make music and tour again in his own authentic way.

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If you are a friend or family member of someone with an addiction, below are some support services:

The First Stop:
The Parent and Family drug support line:
Family Drug support:


To purchase book recommendation, Chasing the Scream by Johann Hari, follow this link:
To watch Johann Hari’s Ted Talk, Everything You Know About Addiction is Wrong, follow this link:
To watch Karen Perlmutter’s Ted Talk, ‘The island of sanity: Navigating through loved ones’ addictions’, follow this link:
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