Season 6, Episode 9 – Elizabeth Day

We’re not sure if podcasts can date. But if they could we would want to date Elizabeth Day’s podcast – ‘How to fail?’. (A proposition Hugh awkwardly put to Elizabeth in the final moments of the show).

This conversation covers a lot of ground. Elizabeth vulnerably discusses her journey through infertility, IVF and her eventual decision to stop fertility treatment; we explore the role exercise and strength training can have in reclaiming one’s connection to their body; Ryan and Elizabeth bond over a love of reality TV; and there’s much much more. It’s fair to say there was a lot of chat and a lot of love in the room for this one.

Elizabeth Day is a Journalist, podcaster and author. The podcast ‘How to fail’ is a brilliant (and wildly successful…ironically) pod that shares intimate conversations with guests about their experiences with failure. And we couldn’t recommend it any more highly.

You can find links to Elizabeth’s podcast, her books and everything else she is doing here

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Friendaholic – Elizabeth Day

Strength to strength – Arthur C Brooks

And you can listen to our episode of The Imperfects with Pat Cummins here:

This episode discusses fertility treatments, miscarriage, grief and acceptance. If these topics feel like too much for you to hear right now, please revisit this episode when you are ready.

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