Primary Students (Year 3 - 6)
TRP @ Home provides a range of activities for Upper Primary (Year 3 - 6) students to practise The Resilience Project's key principles. The following set of activities focusses on Mindfulness.

As parents and caregivers we ask that you assist your child/children in completing the activities. Some of the activities will require more assistance than others.
Mindful Walk

You are going to go on a mindful walk. You can do this in your yard or around the street.

Mindful Colouring

Choose your favourite mindful colouring in sheet and complete it. To make it easy we have attached a few.

Let’s get Creative!

Being creative is a wonderful way to focus our mind. When we are immersed in creating an object, we are being mindful.

Complete a Puzzle and/or Make Your Own!

Choose your favourite puzzle and complete it today! If you can choose one you’ve not finished before!

Create Your Own Playlist!

Within 7 seconds of listening to our favourite song we can begin to soften negative emotion and strengthen positive emotion.

Design Your Own

Create a mindfulness colouring for yourself or someone else to complete.

Let’s Breathe

With the help of a parent, complete the following meditation.

Spot the Difference

Click below and see how many differences you can find?