Secondary Students (Year 7 - Year 12)
Emotional Literacy Lines-02
TRP @ Home provides a range of activities for Secondary (Year 7+) students to practise The Resilience Project's key principles. The following set of activities focusses on Emotional Literacy.

As parents and caregivers we ask that you assist your child/children in completing the activities. Some of the activities will require more assistance than others.
What do we Know
and Feel?

Complete a See Think Wonder exercise relating to the Coronaviurs.

In Control/Out of Control

During stressful times it can be easy to get carried away with worry and stress.

Mood Changes

Ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Just feel a bit flat?

Low Tech Twitter

Create a space in the house to run a family twitter feed using post-it notes or other designed pieces of paper. 

Positive and Negative Thinking

How we think about situations will impact how we see and experience things that are going on around us.

Sing Like There is no Tomorrow!

Choose your favourite song that you love to sing along to.

Stand Up Comedy

JOKE DAY – Let’s make people laugh!

What Are My Strengths?

Think of your friends. What would be one thing they say you do well (something you are good at)?