Kids (4yo - 11yo)
Each week The Resilience Project At Home will provide 5 activities for Kids (4yo - 11yo) that will focus on one of The Resilience Project principles. This week, the focus is on Mindfulness.

As parents and caregivers we ask that you assist your child/children in completing the activities. Some of the activities will require more assistance than others.
1. Mindful Walk

You are going to go on a mindful walk. You can do this in your yard or around the street.

2. Kids Yoga (Cosmic Kids Yoga)

Cosmic Kids Yoga is a great channel on YouTube. Using a computer or a TV, play the clips.

3. Let’s Get Creative!

When we are immersed in creating an object, we are being mindful.

4. Complete a Puzzle

Find your favourite puzzle and try to complete it today. If you would prefer, you could also build your favourite lego, duplo or something similar.

5. Make a Calm Down Jar

Have fun and be creative making your very own calm down jar!