Teenagers (12yo - 18yo)
Each week The Resilience Project At Home will provide 5 activities for Teenagers (12yo - 18yo) that will focus on one of The Resilience Project principles. This week, the focus is on Gratitude.

As parents and caregivers we ask that you assist your child/children in completing the activities.

We’d love to learn about what makes you happy, and the moments when you are grateful. 


Watch this video that takes a funny look at being stuck at home and not able to travel.

3. Gratitude Photo Board/Album

Look through your phone/camera and find a photo for each of the items listed.

4. Do You Know How Fortunate You Are?

Take note of all the things mentioned in the video that you have.

5. Gratitude Challenge

Start a gratitude journal. Grab a notebook or use the notes section on your phone.