How does it work?

Inspiring students
Empowering teachers
Engaging parents

We conduct emotionally engaging programs in schools for students, parents and teachers. We also provide curriculum for schools accompanied by teacher resources. As well as this, we measure student wellbeing before, during and after our programs. Our programs use evidence based approaches to building resilience, in order to develop mental health.

The two different options for schools are;

Official partnership program
Immersion program

If you would like a copy of our schools brochure, which includes details of the above two options, please click here: Schools Brochure

For all enquiries regarding school programs, please contact Mel on 0400 843 737 or on

Curriculum Resources:

Our curriculum resources provide teachers and students with practical strategies to promote positive mental health. The lessons focus on Character strengths for the first lessons, then rotate through the themes of Gratitude, Empathy, Mindfulness and Emotional Literacy using film, books, stories, drama and activities to engage students.

The lessons have been designed for teachers by an experienced team of Primary and Secondary school teachers, and are easy to read and deliver. The student journals work in conjunction with the teacher resources, and provide students with an opportunity to practice the techniques and strategies and reflect on their learning.

All lessons are linked to the Australian/state Curriculum.


It is all or nothing. The program does not work anywhere near as well without both student and teacher resources in action. We are committed to quality outcomes.

NB the curriculum PD is now delivered as part of the initial PD.

Sample Lessons

Below are some sample lessons from our prep to 10 curriculum.  

Foundation – Lesson 1

Foundation – Lesson 10

Year 2 – Lesson 5

Year 2 – Lesson 11

Year 4 – Lesson 11

Year 4 – Lesson 19

Year 6 – Lesson 7

Year 6 – Lesson 26

Year 8 – Lesson 8

Year 8 – Lesson 12

Year 10 – Lesson 1

Year 10 – Lesson 21



Foundation – 10 x 30 min lessons

Grade 1 – 18 x 30 min

Grade 2 – 18 x 40 mins

Grade 3 – 30x 50 mins

Grade 4 – 30x 50 mins

Grade 5 – 30x 50 mins

Grade 6 – 30x 50 mins


Year 7 – 30 x 60 min lessons

Year 8 – 30 x 60 min lessons

Year 9 – 30 x 60 min lessons

Year 10 – 25 x 60 min lessons

We have created a wellbeing diary for Year 11 and 12 students that provides them with weekly wellbeing challenges, tips to promote positive mental health and strategies to combat stress.

Curriculum Outlines – primary

Curriculum Outlines – Secondary

If you are a partnership school and would like to place an order for the student or teacher resources, please email Mel at and she will send the relevant form to you.

Download Character Strengths Sheets here.

What are people saying?

“I have never felt this inspired as a teacher in my 16 years in the profession.”

Claire – Billanook College

“Soooo easily the best presentation we have ever had at our school.”

Taylah – Damascus College

“I cannot believe the presentation I watched tonight. I cried and I laughed. The most engaging 90 minutes I can remember. I could have listed to you talk all night”

Linda, Parent – St. Helena Secondary College

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