Research tells us that it only takes 21 days to create change in our mental health and wellbeing. The Resilience Project’s 21 day journal, focuses on the importance of gratitude, empathy (kindness), and mindfulness and provides you with practical tasks to complete each day to help your overall wellbeing.
    This journal is a great introduction for anyone who is new to the concept of keeping a daily wellbeing journal.
    • Compact and light
    • Daily questions and reflections
    • Opportunities to carry out acts of kindness
    New additions:
    • Introduction to gratitude, empathy and mindfulness
    • A 'reverse bucket list'
    • Tips to help you improve your wellbeing
    • Recommended mindfulness apps and activities
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  • NEW EDITIONThe Resilience Project’s six month journal gives you a large range of daily reflections, questions and practical activities, helping you to practice gratitude, empathy and mindfulness and improve your mental health and wellbeing. This journal also includes your own well-being tracker so you can monitor vital components to health and well-being such as exercise, sleep and diet.
    • Undated, so you can begin at any time
    • Daily reflections
    • Daily questions
    • Daily healthy behaviours checklist
    New additions
    • Weekly preparation page
    • Weekly exercise schedule
    • New reflections and questions
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