Season 3, Episode 14 – A bonus snap podcast because we needed a chat

"I think I got to a point where I thought 'I can't keep doing this, I can't keep being so disappointed by the things I can't control', and I made a decision in that moment to let it go."

In the beginning, it was novel. A change of pace. A good excuse to bake our own bread and believe that “we’ll always bake our own bread from now on because it’s so nice to wake up to the smell of fresh bread in the morning!”

But come on… seriously… we’re not baking bread anymore are we? This whole COVID thing has become a proper bummer. Like, next-level maximum bummer. So, because we’ve all been feeling the pinch recently, Hugh assembled Ryan and Josh for a very unplanned Snap Podcast to talk about it, and share what’s been helping him cope with the current and ongoing shitness of lockdown.

This isn’t a regular episode. There’s no guests, no experts and no tea. It’s just Hugh, Ryan and Josh trying to find some light during an extremely challenging time.

Hope you’re doing okay out there. We know it’s tough. But hopefully this helps a little.

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Victorian School Mental Health Fund Menu

Victorian School Mental Health Fund Menu

Victorian School Mental Health Fund Menu

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