In our last episode for 2019, our co-host Ryan switches roles to become the interviewee. Ryan talks about his career and his bold ambitions to write and appear in his own Emmy-winning series. He talks about his early career successes alongside best friend Hamish Blake, and his feelings of disappointment, jealousy and shame when he felt like their two career paths diverged.

Hugh and Ryan then go on to discuss:

  • The importance of working out what your purpose is and how a purpose differs from a goal
  • Understanding shame and how the story you end up telling yourself can be re-shaped and seen through a more positive lense
  • How difficult it can be to be happy for others around you when you yourself feel like you’re failing or not worthy enough
  • The importance of having honest conversations with those you love, in order to work through feelings of shame and to encourage vulnerability
  • The benefits of seeing a psychologist to work through issues that you may not understand or can’t unpack by yourself.


How to know your life purpose in 5 minutes: TedTalk by Adam Leipzig

Listening to shame: TedTalk by Brene Brown