1. What is the maximum number of students I can have in the presentation?

Any number is fine, as long as students are comfortable and can hear clearly

  1. How long do school talks go for?

Prep – 30 mins

Grade 1/2 – 30-45 mins

Grade 3/4 -45-60 mins

Grade 5/6 – 60 mins

Year 7-Year 12 – 60 mins

  1. What requirements do the presenters have?

Projector with sound for videos

  1. Are there any materials we can use in our classrooms after the sessions?

Yes! We have curriculum from Foundation-year 10. There are also well-being journals available. Curriculum overviews are also available on the website to download.

  1. How do I book a session?

Call Mel on 0400 843 737

Email bookings@theresilienceproject.com.au

  1. Where are you based?


  1. I am in the country or interstate, is travel included?

No. Travel expenses are additional if required