The Resilience Project & Coles Group Partnership – [email protected] to support the wellbeing of Australians

At The Resilience Project, we are grateful to partner with Coles, supporting the wellbeing of their 120,000 team members around the country.

To provide simple and accessible ways to practise gratitude, empathy and mindfulness, we’ve started a GEM Movement for the Coles Group in 2020. This has seen all team members receive a 21-day Wellbeing Journal; explore the connection between physical health and mental health, and participate in a 21 Days of Connection campaign. Gratitude, empathy and mindfulness are evidence-based principles linked to positive mental health, and the regular practise of these can help us feel happier and build resilience.

The Coles Group is a proud sponsor of [email protected], providing free wellbeing activities and resources to families across Australia. We will be continuing our partnership in 2021 to share strategies and stories to support wellbeing. See [email protected] in-action with Coles employees in this video:


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