Activity 7: Let's Breathe
With the help of a parent, complete the following meditation. You’ll need to find a quiet place in your home. Try to read the script as slowly as possible, encouraging deep breathing and thought. You may wish to close your eyes whilst completing the activity.

Focus Meditation. 

Stop exactly as you are. 

Take  a long slow deep breath in. 

And out. 

And again, in through your nose. 

And out. 

What parts of your body move to help you breathe? 

Observe your breath noticing what moves. 

Maybe your belly moves? Your chest? Maybe you feel air at your nose? 

Or maybe you feel your breath somewhere completely different and that’s ok, we all breathe differently. 

Take  another long slow deep breath in. 

Fill your belly up.. 

Notice the space that you create around your belly. 

And breathe out. 

And again in, a little deeper your belly fills, maybe your chest fills. 

And breathe out.


Breathing in… notice all the space inside your belly and chest. 

And out letting it all go. 

Once more, in … and out. 

Your belly and chest and their important organs inside of them, your digestive system and lungs and heart are so grateful for you for taking this time to let them expand and have some room to stretch out. 

So is your mind and your brain, it just received lots of fresh oxygen ready for you to think and create. 

It’s very grateful for you, for allowing it this time. 

Give yourself a great big hug to say thank you to yourself.