Activity 5: Create Your Own Playlist!
Music is a wonderful way to help us seek positive emotion. In fact, within 7 seconds of listening to our favourite song we can begin to soften negative emotion and strengthen positive emotion. Music can also help us feel calm, relaxed and encourage creativity. So we think music is pretty awesome!

This task is going to help us create playlists that we can access at particular points in our days depending on how we are feeling. You are going to create 4 playlists that are below. Please change the playlist name to suit your style! We suggest adding a minimum of 10 songs to each playlist.

Playlist 1 - Music I want to sing along too.

Playlist 2 - Music I want to exercise too.

Playlist 3 - Music that makes me feel relaxed.

Playlist 4 - Music that makes me want to dance.

*Please note this activity could take some students 15 mins and others a few hours!