Activity 6: Let's Breathe
With the help of a parent, complete the following meditation. You’ll need to find a quiet place in your home. Try to read the script as slowly as possible, encouraging deep breathing and thought. You may wish to close your eyes whilst completing the activity.

Heart (Loving Kindness) Meditation. 

Take 3 big belly breaths. 

In through the nose and out. 

In and out like a dragon breathing fire. 

1,2,3 Imagine you look like this dragon. 

What colour is your dragon? 

Do you have any spots / spikes/ hair? 

What does your dragon’s face look like? Teeth? Nostrils? Eyes? 

Can you move your dragon’s face and make your dragon look really angry? 

Sad? Think of a time you felt sad and make your dragon look like this. 

Happy? What makes you happy (imagine your dragon feels so happy). 

Now imagine the dragon feels really silly. 

Stretch your dragon legs and arms out as much as you can. 

Now wrap your dragon arms around you and give your dragon a giant hug. 

Squeeze your whole dragon body with your strong dragon arms. 

And tell your dragon body ‘I love you’ 

And anytime you feel worried or sad or scared, you can give yourself a big strong dragon hug and feel strong and say ‘I love you’.


*Please note: Sad and happy are two examples of emotions you can use in this meditation. Please feel free to use any emotion you feel appropriate for your students.